Capital™ Embedded [Defect VSTARMOD-49337] Tricore OS: Interrupt enabled when set FCX register

Capital Embedded AR Classic


Update of FCX/PCX occur out of critical section, during context switch in OS


Observed behavior
During context switch in OS update of FCX/PCX occur out of critical section which may cause wrong context switching if any ISR interrupts the execution before updating FCX/PCX.

Expected behavior 
ISR should not be enabled before updating FCX/PCX.

The issue only happens when the interruptible kernel option is enabled.

Affects following versions

Autosar 4xx, Milestone 2306, OS: build 6.3.0, HW: Tricore, Any compiler)


Fixed from following versions

 Autosar 4xx, Milestone 2309, build 6.4.0, HW: Tricore, Any compiler

KB Article ID# KB000121661_EN_US



Associated Components

Capital Embedded AR Classic