Capital™ Essentials Wire attributes are not updated when importing wiring design from NX to VeSys

VeSys Capital Essentials


Wires have lengths in NX but didn’t get any length values in VeSys after importing a wiring design from NX


When looking at the messages in Bridge Report by the import, it appears that the update of the wires did not happen at all:

“Import From” will update the wire attributes if the matching wire is found in the design based on the baseID value (default behaviour).
This will work if the data was exchanged between VeSys / Capital Essentials and NX and now in a round trip flow attempting to update the lengths in VeSys / Capital Essentials.

In case if it is not round trip flow, but the wires should be matched by name i.e. same name wires exist in VeSys / Capital Essentials and NX, the following bridge property should be defined with “yes” in (for VeSys) or in (for Capital Essentials) files located in the <install_directory>\adaptors\resources\ folder:


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