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Port assignments for HyperLynx Job Distribution are randomly assigned by the host server operating system.


The HyperLynx Job Distribution (JD) application client requests the required network port assignments from the server, which are randomly assigned by the server operating system.  The JD client cannot be configured to operate only on specific port numbers or ranges.  Communications through the port require that the Windows Firewall be configured to allow HyperLynx applications to pass through.  This can be done by following these steps:
From start search, enter "Allow"

Turn off the firewall for all applications that are in the install directory. mainly python.exe, hlas.exe, and hlproject.exe

just make sure domain and private were selected

It is true that we are not asking for this port in any specific range.   We are using this python API :

sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_STREAM)
sock.bind(('localhost', 0))

If supplied, source_address must be a 2-tuple (host, port) for the socket to bind to as its source address before connecting. If host or port are ‘’ or 0 respectively the OS default behavior will be used.

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