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This article shows the steps to open and engage in Siemens communities


Welcome to Siemens communities forum!

  • Select the interested topic under the “Topics” drop down menu as shown below:

  • After selecting the topic, you have reached that topic’s community forum! (Example: Simcenter 3D community topic below):

  • You need to create an account to start a discussion or ask a question. For community user account creation, all it takes is your email id and set a password.

  • After you create an account, please make sure that your username on the profile is user-defined. Usually, every account creates an auto generated username by default and sometimes discussions with these auto-generated username is considered spam.
  • You only need one account to participate in all the Siemens community topics.

To change the username on your user account: after you login, go to my profile and click on edit. It will prompt a window to change your name, company and work experience details.

You are all set to join the discussions on any Siemens community platform!

On the topic’s community page, you can share experiences, ask respective product questions, and join the discussion intended to help users get to know the Siemens products.

This is a community effort, so don’t be afraid to pitch in! We need YOU to help make this a valuable forum for all. Please read the community details below:
  1. Important note: the forum does not take the place of technical support. Our Support Center is your first call for technical self-service with a comprehensive Knowledge Base (that includes How-to Videos, Examples, and Best Practice guidelines) or if you have a maintenance agreement with a Siemens partner/reseller, your first call for support should be to them. Instructions for accessing our Support Center can be found on our YouTube Channel.
  2. Technical questions are also welcome here (assuming all the above premises).
  3. Please make sure to post your threads with the right labels, it will help other users to look for the appropriate questions in the right sections. The forum is searchable, so you can check for similar topics or threads to find what you are looking for, contribute to an ongoing conversation or start a new conversation. To help people find each post, please use the following labels to identify which topic your post fits. Labels are also useful as you can subscribe to a label and follow just those conversations.
  4. Please respect the community rules of participation: Please be polite and professional in your tone, this forum is intended to be a supportive place. Violations to the community guidelines might involve moderation actions, from posts, edits up to community ban.
  5. If someone answered your question, please mark it as the Best Answer so others can easily find the answer.
  6. Don't hesitate to like other's post if you find them valuable.
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For any questions or comments, please email Chandra Devange

Happy Posting!

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