Simcenter 3D Solutions Assembly FEM Bridge Analysis in Simcenter 3D - Part 9 - Solve the analysis

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This tutorial shows how to go about setting up a structural analysis using an Assembly FEM in Simcenter 3D. The aim is to introduce the user to the power of Assembly FEMS and familiarize them with the approach and concepts involved.


Part 9 - Solve the analysis

Step 24: Run the Analysis

•Left click on Solution 1 in the Simulation Navigator and select Solve
•Click OK
•Once the Analysis Job Monitor reports that the analysis has been completed, click Cancel on that window and then close the Information window

This completes Assembly FEM Bridge Analysis in Simcenter 3D - Part 9 - Solve the analysis
Please continue with Assembly FEM Bridge Analysis in Simcenter 3D - Part 10 - Postprocess the results

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