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Simcenter 3D Pre/Post features a Contact Manager functionality, since version 2206. The present video highlights some of the main features and one of the enhancements from version 2306.


The Contact Manager functionality, present in Simcenter 3D Engineering Desktop, since version 2206, is a handy feature that allows to:
  • review active contacts/glues in the model
  • identify source and target surfaces in each contact/glue definition
  • get a summary of contact parameters, such as friction coefficient, contact status, gaps and penetrations, etc.
  • visualize contact distance contour plots, for specific contacts or for the whole model
  • perform contextual editing
  • clone contact or glue objects
The functionality is supported for the following solvers and solutions (for a complete list, refer to the user manual, link below):
  • Simcenter Nastran
    • SOL101 / SOL103 / SOL401
  • Simcenter 3D Multiphysics
    • SOL401 in structural, coupled thermal-structural and coupled flow-structural analyses.
More information can be found in the user manual.

The following enhancements were introduced in version 2306:
  • Support for edge-to-edge contact
  • Include the Initial Node Adjustment Tolerance
  • Options to disable contact calculations
  • Position of Coefficient of Static Friction column
  • Support for new Edge-to-Edge Contact/Glue command

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