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How to apply frequency dependent complex loads in Simcenter 3D?


One of the most common but important steps in setting up a simulation is to apply loads and boundary conditions on a simulation model and sometimes the users need to work with the loads and boundary conditions that are not just complex in nature (in either real/imaginary format or magnitude/phase format) but also frequency dependent. Thus, proper application of these on the simulation model is required for the accuracy of the solution. The following video shows how to apply such a load in Simcenter 3D. The process is demonstrated through the application of a frequency dependent complex force (in magnitude/phase format availabe in a .txt file) on a simple cylindrical shell model. The key step here is to create a Frequency Excitation Set to input the force data into a Table Field and then assigning a scale factor for the Force Magnitude via the Load Set. This factor scales the force data from the table field and applies it as the total force in the direction specified at the selected nodes.

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