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Xpedition and PADS AMS provides different ways to add simulation data to parts and symbols. This article will discuss the use of SimDB and other techniques to add simulation data to parts and symbols.


Adding Simulation data to parts and symbols

Symbols for parts in a corporate library typically lack simulation properties. In order to enable simulation capabilities for a component symbol on a schematic, you need to incorporate a basic set of properties. There are two approaches to adding simulation data to a part symbol instance. One method involves modifying the properties of the symbol at the time of placement, while the other, more common method, entails mapping simulation data to the part in the library or database during the import process.

The SimDB database provides a means to define a part symbol along with its associated simulation data. Using SimDB offers the advantage of flexibility, allowing you to easily change the model type by making modifications to the SimDB file. For instance, you could switch all resistor models from SPICE to VHDL-AMS with a single command. If you wish to add or modify the model properties of a part symbol in your design, you can achieve this by altering the model properties in the SimDB file and then applying the changes to your design. It's important to note that updating the schematic from the SimDB file will overwrite any instance-level properties, unless you first save them to the SimDB file.

If you intend to simulate an existing schematic (one that wasn't originally created in Xpedition AMS or PADS AMS), you can map its components to the appropriate model information using the "Set up Schematic Simulation" wizard. This mapping process generates a SimDB file, enabling you to update and apply simulation models from a centralized file. 

Additionally, you have the option to add models to your design from the VHDL or SPICE libraries provided with the software. You can utilize the existing simulation data included with the model or add your own. 

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