Teamcenter Share Collaborate with Ease: An Intro to Teamcenter Share and its Simcenter Integration

Share Functions


Teamcenter Share helps you collaborate on design and engineering projects in the cloud. Products across the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio are connected to Teamcenter Share so you can start collaborating today. In this webinar we will talk about getting started with Teamcenter Share and using it seamlessly with Simcenter to for better collaboration amongst teams.


During the webinar, we’ll show you how to:

  • Set up Teamcenter Share and give access to your users
  • Take advantage of some of the key capabilities of Teamcenter Share: file sharing, 3D View and Mark Up, Task management
  • Use Teamcenter Share with your Simcenter Solution seamlessly

Teamcenter Share offers a rich set of features to aid everyday collaboration; providing:

  • Secure cloud storage
  • Desktop file syncing
  • Permission-based project sharing
  • Task management
  • Engineering-centric view & markup
  • Instant access on any device

Teamcenter Share contributes to making digital transformation: more accessible, flexible, and scalable for companies of all sizes.

Our customers can benefit from enhanced capabilities for design, manufacturing software and IoT solutions while ensuring secure, formal and ad-hoc collaboration.

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