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While it’s straightforward to create a Simcenter 3D Motion model from a CAD assembly, adding a CAD structure to an existing Motion model may not be as clear. A CAD model can be added to a Motion model as the CAD Source Part (formerly Master Part) by using the Add CAD Source command from the Menu->Insert option. This can then be easily removed by right-clicking on the CAD Source Part in the Motion Navigator.


Creating a Simcenter 3D Motion model from a CAD assembly is easily done by opening the .prt files in Simcenter 3D, changing to the Motion Application, and then selecting “New Simulation”. This creates a Motion model with the CAD .prt file as the CAD Source Part. This will maintain the part structure for the geometry reference and easily integrate the Motion and CAD models. However, adding the CAD Source Part to a Motion model that’s already been created is not as clear.

To do this, open the Motion model and ensure that there isn’t already a CAD Source Part. A CAD Source Part is normally found under the name of the Motion simulation file in the Motion Navigator.  

In this example, there are motion bodies, joints, and a spring-damper element, but no geometry or CAD Source Part. To add the CAD Source Part, find the Menu button and select the Add CAD Source option from the Insert menu.

The Add Source dialog will open. Here, you can select which CAD .prt file should be brought in as the CAD Source Part. Typically, these will be higher-level assemblies as they should contain all of the part of the moving mechanism. Select the part from the Loaded Parts menu or use the Open button to find another file. Hit OK, once the .prt file is selected.

The CAD will now be brought into the Motion model and placed such that the global CSYS of the CAD Source Part is coincident with the global CSYS of the Motion simulation. If parts need to be reoriented, this should be done in the .prt file that was just added.

The geometry reference has now been added to your model. In order for the CAD to move with the mechanism, it will need to be added to each relevant motion body. To remove the CAD Source Part, simply right-click on the CAD Source Part in the Motion Navigator and select remove. This will allow you to remove just the CAD or the CAD and all Motion elements that directly reference the CAD (such as motion bodies).


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