Questa OneSpin StaticFormal What to do when you get a crash or backtrace in CDC/Formal/Lint?

Questa OneSpin StaticFormal


Debug steps for a CDC/Formal/Lint backtrace or crash


When the tool crashes, it generates a backtrace in the log file.
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Please send the file backtrace_qverifyek.log for analysis
# Email:
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Questa caught signal 11
# Questa BACKTRACE signal: 11
# Questa BACKTRACE program: Questa Version 2022.4 5433739 linux_x86_64 20-Oct-2022
# Questa BACKTRACE time: aborting after running for 1sec on Tue Mar 14 08:14:54 2023
# Questa BACKTRACE platform: linux_x86_64
# Questa BACKTRACE libreference: qverifyek=00000000
# Questa BACKTRACE: 0x3f393e9 0x3f35818 0x40bdc53 0x40bdd21 0x2ad8ed035400 0x33967d1
# Questa BACKTRACE: 0x2fd585c 0x2fdb639 0x2fdd696 0x2ef96ed 0x2a57e79 0x2a523d9
# Questa BACKTRACE: 0x30682ec 0x1e89579 0x1e8eeb7 0x1e8f65d 0x400fba1 0x4010d1f
# Questa BACKTRACE: 0x1e60e3fd 0x17c2b00 0x2ad8ed026555 0x1e654bf
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

A crash may also show up as an internal or fatal error in the qverify.log file.
# Warning : Internal error while translating design unit.  Please contact support at  [parser-314]
#         : Will treat module as a black box.

# Fatal   : Internal error(s) while translating design.  Please contact support at  [parser-316]
#         : No analysis will be performed.

Set the following environment variables and re-run (Note: This example shows C shell. Windows users can set the environment variables in System Properties)
>setenv ZI_STAT_LEVEL 3

You will see Process Summary information in the qverify.log file if the environment variables were properly set.
## Synthesizing netlist...
# Process Summary(Begin Setup DBO Dag) : cpu : 0(0) mem : 0(77260) elapsed : 0(0)
# Process Summary(Begin Synthesizing Assertions) : cpu : 0(0) mem : 0(77260) elapsed : 0(0)
# Process Summary(Begin Parsing DUT) : cpu : 0(0) mem : 272(77532) elapsed : 0(0)
Once the run has finished, open a new Support Case on Support Center and attach the full qverify.log and qverify_cmds.tcl files to the Support Case (see Three Steps to: Register for Support Center for registration information).
Finally, if you are running an older release, try running the latest release from Support Center.

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