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This article explains about how to troubleshoot file sharing issues between Femap and Teamcenter Share


Problem Description:
Files uploaded to Teamcenter Share could not be opened or imported from Femap.
Root-cause: The issue is caused when foreign characters are found in the file path when working with files from Teamcenter Share.
Open Windows File Explorer and go to the folder with the modfem file in Connector. Right-click on the modfem file and open it with Femap. Does it open the file? If it does not open, please refer provide the below details from:

1. Please share the log files:
   To enable logging, add 'PDMDevLog=1' in Femap.INI file. File is located in the local appdata folder (C:\Users\<windows_user_name>\AppData\Local\Femap\2022.2). 
   For failure scenarios, the log should be available in a 'Logs' folder created at the above location.

2. What is the version of the Siemens Connector application? Is the same user signed into Siemens Connector and embedded the Teamcenter Share application? You can verify the information using the bottom-left button in the embedded Teamcenter Share client in Femap.

Work-around: Use commands in Femap to open native files (File->Open, File->Import, etc) to open/import a model file from the Connector folder for the failing scenario. This will load the model in Femap.
Impact: There is no concern from the license agreement violation as this action is decided to be allowed from Femap. Also, working with Teamcenter Share file paths containing multibyte characters is fixed in the product Simcenter Femap release 2022.2.2.

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