Simcenter 3D Solutions Topology optimization of a Bridge Structure - Part 7: Animate the optimization iterations

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In this example the process of performing a topology optimization for a simple bridge structure will be illustrated. The objective is to minimize the mass of the bridge while keeping the deflection less than 1mm. This is a 7 parts tutorial that includes the following: 1. Geometry creation - simple bridge shape 2. Mesh the bridge geometry 3. Apply material properties 4. Apply Loads and constraints 5. Setup and Run the analysis 6. Postprocessing results 7. Animate the Topology optimization iterations


Part 7: Animate the Topology optimization iterations

Step 25: Animate the Optimization Iterations

•Select Animate      
•Set the Animate to Iterations
•Uncheck the Full-cycle checkbox
•Set Synchronised frame delay (mS) to 100
•Press Play
•The animation shows how the distribution of material evolves to meet the specified objectives and constraints
•Press Stop
•Click Cancel

Step 26: Animate the Optimization Iterations
•Expand the Nastopt – Statics 1 item in the Simulation Navigator
•Expand the final design cycle and double click on Stress – Element-Nodal
•A contour of Von-Mises Stress will be displayed
•Click on Edit Post View
•In the Post View menu select the Legend tab
•Select the Legend Extremes dropdown to Specified and set Max to 15
•Select the Deformation tab and uncheck the Deformation checkbox
•Select the Display tab and set the Edges dropdown to Feature
•Select the Result tab and set the Combine At dropdown to Nodes
•Click OK

This completes all parts of the tutorial Topology Optimization – Bridge structure

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