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Does the default value have to be specified for a Verilog parameter?


Specifying the parameter default value is mandatory for 1995, 2001, sv31a, and sv2005 formats, and it is not mandatory for the SV2009 format.

Below is the example module with a parameter being used:

module block #(parameter BUS_WIDTH) (
        input [BUS_WIDTH-1:0] bus_data_in,
        output [BUS_WIDTH-1:0] bus_data_out

If the parameter default value is not specified, then the example error message below is returned:

//  Error: File block.v, Line 10: Syntax error near ( ) ).

To resolve this issue there has to be a specified default value for a parameter or if the format is SV2009 the command below has to be used:

read_verilog block.v -format SV2009

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