HyperLynx VX.2.8 - VX.2.14 HyperLynx Adv Solvers fails to start due to Intel Iris Xe Graphics driver crash

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Intel Iris Xe Graphics Card crashes HLAS


HyperLynx Advanced Solvers fails to start with Intel Iris Xe Graphics - this is fixed in VX.2.14 Update 1.

When invoking Advanced Solvers with a computer containing the Intel Iris Xe Graphics card, the program closes with no warning or error message.  The Windows Event Viewer reports application hlas.exe crashes in module igd12um64xel.dll  The crash occurs in the Intel driver igd12um64xel.dll , and there is no crash if we disable the Intel Display adapter in Device Manager.  Currently, disabling the Intel Graphics driver is the only workaround. 

If your system contains only the Intel Graphics card, there is no workaround.   We then recommend installing a dedicated graphics card such as NVIDIA. 

To view your PC's installed drivers:
If you run the graphics test, the Windows Registry will tell you what settings it has,
under “Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\HyperLynx\Advanced Solvers\Graphics”:


There are two work arounds to fix the driver issue. 
The first is using Device Manager to disable the Display driver.

1. Right-mouse click on the Windows Start button and select Device Manager.
2. Expand the Display Adapters section and verify the presence of the Intel Iris Xe Graphics card.
3.  Select Disable Device

Disable device_medium.png

The second method is used if the Intel Display Adapter is not visible in Device Manager.
Use the 4-step BIOS procedure: 
Bios Setup > Display > Scroll Down to Hybrid Graphics > Disable Hybrid Graphics

1. Select Bios Setup


2.  Select Display


3. Scroll down to Hybrid Graphics


4. Disable Hybrid Graphics


Disabling the Intel Graphics card allows HLAS to use Software Rendering, which will reduce performance, but should not produce any loss of functionality.


KB Article ID# KB000111089_EN_US



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