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Need an example in Python or Tcl to instantiate a cell at a specific [X,Y] coordinate


For Python:
# This examplew works for DiffCell in the RingVCO design from the tutorials.
# It creates a translated (X,Y) location, and rotates the instance of DiffCell
# LTransform returns translation, orientation, and magnification of an object
# in the form of three variables; translation (X, Y), orientation [integer],
# and magnification [numerator, denominator]

trans = LTransform_Ex99()
trans.translation =  (-7.0, 14.0)
trans.orientation = 180.

print("Variable trans.orientation is" +" "+ str(trans.orientation))
print("Variable trans.translation is" +" "+ str(trans.translation))
print("Variable trans.magnification.num is" +" "+ str(trans.magnification.num))
print("Variable trans.magnification.denom is" +" "+ str(trans.magnification.denom))

# Create a new single instance of a cell in a cell.
pInst = LInstance_New_Ex99(LCell_GetVisible(), LCell_Find("DiffCell"), trans, (1, 1), (0, 0))

For Tcl:

set currCell [LCell_GetVisible]
set cellId [LCell_Find "DiffCell"]
set transform {{translation {-7 14}} {orientation 0.000} {magnification {num 1} {denom 1}}}
set repeatCnt {1 1}
set delta {0 0}

LInstance_New_Ex99 $currCell $cellId $transform $repeatCnt $delta

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