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Table of contents for the Simcenter 3D Structures & Dynamics ( Simcenter Nastran)




How to determine the number of degrees of freedom in a Simcenter Nastran analysis?
How to preview Simcenter Nastran contact regions from Simcenter 3D
How to preview Simcenter Nastran glue regions from Simcenter 3D
How to setup fictitious support card using Simcenter 3D User Interface
How to transfer the temperature field computed in a thermal analysis (SOL 153) to a structural analysis (SOL 101)
For Simcenter Nastran SOL 159 Transient Heat Transfer Analysis How To Get Output At The Specified Time Steps?
How to use the temperature distribution of a steady thermal analysis (SOL 153) as the Initial Conditions for an unsteady thermal analysis (SOL 159)
Simcenter 3D structures - Interpreting Nastran DMIG cards
Component representation compatibility with structural Nastran solutions
How to export group of nodes or elements to Nastran SET
Simcenter Nastran Continuation Characters and Additional Flexibility in Usage.
How to extract solid bolts’ internal forces and moments
Consistency of FEA Units
Modal Effective Mass (MEFFMASS output in Nastran)
Using the Modeling Weld Assistant as a Workaround for “Edge-to-Surface Gluing” between Solid Elements to Simulate Welded Assemblies in Simcenter 3D



How to create a substructure modelling with Sol402
How to connect 2D with 3D elements for Multiphysics and SOL401 solutions
Buckling with SOL 402
How to perform a Nonlinear prestressed modal analysis with SOL106 in Simcenter 3D?
How to analyze the contact behaviors, e.g. where contact slipping happening, or where the contact sliding is happening or there is no contact existing in the selected area
Defining Hyperelastic material properties for 2D Thin Shell Meshes (SOL 402)
Defining Hyperelastic material properties for 2D Solid Axisymmetric Meshes (SOL 402)
Defining Hyperelastic material properties for 3D Solid Meshes (SOL 402)
Defining Hyperelastic material properties for Plane Strain Meshes (SOL 402)
RBE3 in SOL 414 and SOL402
How to deactivate joint in SOL 402
Analysis of an interference between 2 cylinders in SOL 402 (Frettage)
2-Step Nonlinear Analysis for SOL 106 using Direct Matrix Input (DMIG) Glue Stiffness K2GGG in Simcenter 3D
Why does CQUAD8 plate elements behave linearly in a SOL 106 nonlinear analysis


Performing a Normal Modes Analysis Accounting for Stress Stiffening
What is the difference between the two set of frequencies inputted during Random run ?
Why the results of Random analysis RMS are displayed as 1 2 3 instead of X Y Z in post processing.
How to obtain Frequency response output during a random vibration analysis.



Simcenter Nastran - Star CCM+ co-simulation with multiple FSI regions
Generating SIMPACK fbi file from NX/SC3D - MBDEXPORT SIMPACK - SOL 103 Flexible Body

Nastran Troubleshooting

How to estimate resources required to solve the model in Simcenter Nastran solver (for Windows)
How to Debug or Troubleshoot a failed Nastran simulation
First Simcenter 3D usage - no Nastran results
How to avoid User Fatal Message 4579 using pressure load combined with bolt pre-load in SOL 101



Modelling Cable Behaviour using Simcenter 3D and Simcenter Nastran
A Very Simple Finite Element Model For Testing

Pre-Stressed Modal Analysis of a Guitar String 
Simcenter 3D Pre/Post v2212 tutorials
Simcenter Nastran v2212 Basic Tutorials
Simcenter Nastran Verification Guide

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