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This article described how you can retrieve a summary of the Motion Bodies Mass Properties.


A summary table of the Mass Properties of Motion Bodies can be located in the Motion Information File.
The Motion Information File is being generated during the Simcenter 3D Motion Solver computation process and is a regular text file (ASCII format) that can be read by any text editor application (e.g., Notepad, Notepad++).
To locate your Motion Information File, go to your working directory (set by the Motion Solution) and look for a file with the *.minf extension.

Mass Properties Summary

After opening the *.minf file with your preferred text editor, search for "Mass Properties", and you should find the Mass Properties Summary table (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 Motion Information File - Mass Properties Summary

Note that the values you observe are listed in the Mass units set in the Solution - System Properties.
By default, the unit for mass is "kilogram", however in Fig .1 you can see the mass units being "metric-ton".
In a similar fashion, the Length unit from the Solution - System Properties is used a base unit for the inertia values, along with the Mass unit.

Flexible Bodies Mass Properties

When Flexible Bodies are present in your mechanism, the summary table will show the mass properties based on the Flexible Body definition, not the Motion (Rigid) Body definition.
For a detailed view on the Flexible Body Mass Properties, each Flexible Body will have a detailed overview of its Mass Properties in the same Motion Information File (Fig. 2).
For details on finding out information Flexible Bodies Mass Properites check the following KB article:
Simcenter 3D Motion – How to retrieve the mass properties for Flex Bodies

Fig. 2 Motion Information File - Flexible Bodies Mass Properties


Solver Information File from the User Interface

Besides viewing with a text editor application, the Motion Information File, also referred to as Solver Information File, can be viewed from the Solution View section of the Motion Navigator (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3 Accessing the Solver Information File from the Solution View



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