Aprisa Generating scripts with Flow Generator (Flowgen)



Usage of Aprisa Flow Generator (Flowgen) to generate reference scripts for designs


Aprisa Flow Generator is a design, technology and foundry specific approach to generate a template for flow scripts instead of writing one's own scripts from scratch.
From 22.R1 onwards, Aprisa Flow Generator (Flowgen) is packaged as  part of each Aprisa release version. There are two ways to launch Flowgen -
  1. GUI based method (recommended)
  2. Text-File based method
In GUI based method to launch Flowgen GUI, user needs to use below commands after Invoking Aprisa -
%contrib -load AP_flowgen
In Text-File based method, User need to source variable.tcl file after invoking Aprisa.
  1. Invoke Aprisa
  2. Review and source variable.tcl
(Variable.tcl can be found under flowgen directory in each Aprisa release version. variable.tcl is a text file to import variables that have been used in the flow at different stages.
Eg. % source <install_dir>/etc/flowgen/variable.tcl  )
  1. Review the generated scripts
User can find how to use Flowgen (Aprisa Flow Generator) under each Aprisa release version in the pdf form.
For all the versions of Aprisa, Flowgen pdf can be found here -

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