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We will not be integrating GIT into Tanner Tools.

GIT is not a good choice for IC design because it is a “Version Control” mechanism, not a “Revision Control” mechanism. In revision control the emphasis is on managing the changes (along with the version) while in version control the emphasis is on managing versions only.

With revision control (SVN) enabled, multiple users can modify the same cell. You place a lock on a cell while performing edits. While your lock is in place, other users cannot make edits to the same cell. This is not possible with Git. Once you commit your changes to the repository, you can keep the lock or release it. This methodology prevents the need for merging. GIT is more of a documentation management system to track releases. GIT is optimized for text based files with easy branching using text merge to handle conflicts instead of locking. 

For more information on revision control, see the following on Support Center

Tanner™ Tools Revision Control


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