Simcenter 3D Solutions Axisymmetric Pressure Vessel Analysis in Simcenter 3D - Part 5: Create cylindrical coordinate system

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In this article, a cylindrical pressure vessel will be analyzed using the axisymmetric analysis capability in Simcenter. It is Part 5 of 6 parts tutorial with the following steps: Part 1: Create pressure vessel geometry Part 2: Mesh the created pressure vessel model Part 3: Apply material properties Part 4: Apply boundary conditions Part 5: Create cylindrical coordinate system for the FEM Part 6: Analysis run and post processing


Part 5: Create a cylindrical coordinate system for the pressure vessel FEM

Step 15: Create a Cylindrical Coordinate System
•In the Simulation Navigator, right-click on the CSYS node and select New CSYS…
•In the CSYS menu that appears set the drop-down at the top to X-axis, Y-axis, Origin
•In the Origin Point section of the menu click the Point Dialog button
•In the X-axis section of the menu select YC from the drop-down menu
•In the Y-axis section of the menu select ZC from the drop-down menu
•Ensure that Output CSYS is set to Cylindrical

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