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By default, the Simcenter 3D interface is locked while a motion solution is solving, except for the button that aborts the solve. This article will show how to enable the solve in background feature for Simcenter 3D Motion. This will allow the user to start to solve a given solution, which will run from an external command window, and let the user continue working within the Simcenter 3D environment.


The "Solving in Background: option is available to let users continue to work in Simcenter 3D Motion while a solution is solving. It will open a command window that will show updates on the solution's progress including the current solution time step, the current integration step size, and the estimated solve time remaining.
Users can abort the solve by closing the command window. 

The "Solve in Background" feature can be activated in two places. In can be found in the Motion Preferences dialog by going to File->Preference->Motion.. Activating the feature here will keep this setting saved when the current model is in use. 
"Solve in Background" can also be turned on from the Customer Defaults menu by going to File->Utilities->Customer Defaults. The feature will be found in the Simcenter 3D tab of the Motion->Analysis section. Activating the feature here will make it the default setting for all Simcenter 3D Motion models, however the program will need to be restarted before the change is applied.

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