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This article explains the steps as how customers can request to add a new admin for Teamcenter Share


  • Request the account (Enterprise Cloud Account) administrator of your organization to add the proposed new admin in the admin section of admin console. The instructions to add a new admin is available in the in- app help section of Siemens Xcelererator Admin console.
  • If you are unsure who is the account (ECA) administrator, you may contact support with the Sold To and ECA number details.
  • If the account (ECA) administrator is not available (moved out of the current organization) or cannot access admin console (email Id has changed)  etc., create a support case with below details
    • Sold To details
    • Current admin email
    • proposed new admin's email
    • Specify the reason why the current admin is unable to add new admin.
Note: It's highly recommended that you should first request your account (ECA) admin for any add/update admin request in Teamcenter Share. If that's not possible, please create a support case.

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