Simcenter STAR-CCM+ Simple workaround to avoid invalid read/write from unsolved range message

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You may avoid this message with modification of the IT environment (CPU cores, MPI methods, etc)


The message "invalid read from unsolved rage" or "Invalid write to solved range" occurs when the STAR-CCM+ tries to read or write the solution from an unsolved (read) or (to write) already solved by another CPU. Then the program terminated with error code 32. 

If you don't have much time to solve this problem by modifying the geometry or mesh, then you may try to change the number of CPUs for your simulation. The following picture shows several test cases with different computing machine options.

The test case is terminated with exit code 32 for case 1. From case 2 to case 6, STAR-CCM+ is not killed up to tested walltime (2 hours). From this picture, we can notice that the changing MPI type (Intel MPI or Open MPI), core type (depending on your hpc supplier), and the number of cores can prevent the unexpected termination of STAR-CCM+.

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