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Save time by launching all your Motion Autoflex modal base analyses at once in batch. This video demonstrates a workflow where all Flexible Body FEA models are defined via Autoflex and then an external user program solves them all for completing the Flexible Bodies.


When defining Motion Autoflex, the scope here is to avoid the waiting time for the FEA solver to complete the Modal analysis. This occurs when using the Process Option Automatic.
The workflow proposed is to choose the Process Option Interactive; the Pre/Post model files are then defined and ready to be solved later in batch. This is offering a lot of time savings in particular when dealing with multiple Autoflex objects and/or large mesh models. 
The video is a demonstration of such workflow on a Motion model, along with a provided Python user program.
Workflow steps:
1. Motion Autoflex definition - Process Option Interactive
2. Python script simple setup and launch the batch solver runs (via run_journal)
3. Complete the Motion Autoflex objects in one click; get the fully defined Flexible Bodies.

A Python script is provided in this article.
This workflow could be further automated, along with checks, a button in the UI, reused in case of CAD modification and updates, etc...

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