Simcenter System Architect Quick AMESim installation guide for Window and Linux System

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There are multiple scenarios that may exist when you decide to install AMESim. We will walk through all the scenarios so that you can directly go to the scenario, which is more applicable to you.


Installation of AMESim is depending on your requirements. It can be based on your operating system.
  1. Window machine
  2. Linux machine
 Once, your operating system is fixed, then there will be below two scenario
  • Scenario 1 - Node lock license

    • You need to install AMESim and RLM license server on the same machine for which the license is issued.
  • Scenario 2 - Floating license

    • Wanted to access AMESim on the server machine for which the license is issued
      • Install AMESim and license manager on the server machine. Only install AMESim on the client machine.
    • Wanted to access AMESim only on the client machine -
      • Install the RLM license server on the server machine
      • Install AMESim Only AMESim on all client machines.
  Once, you choose your scenario, then, you can directly go to the valid section of the below article
Scenario 1 - Node locked license -

Scenario 2 - Floating License

Wanted to access AMESim on the server machine for which the license is issued -
Wanted to access AMESim only on the client machine -
  • Install and configure the RLM license manager on the server machine only - Watch the below video for the first 8 min to know about RLM license manager installation & watch the same below video from 8 min to the end to configure your license file on the server and client machine.

Linux machine - Please note that in this case as well all the above three scenarios exist. In this case, as well, we have to install AMESim and license server manager on the applicable server or client machine. There will not be any change in this case.

Installation & license configuration is a bit different for Linux machines. Watch the below video related to AMESim installation on a Linux machine & refer to this article on our support portal.

  If, you are still not able to access the license by the above method, then, generate the diagnosis report and send it to our support engineer by raising the support case at this link . Please follow the below process to generate a diagnostic report.
Generate rlmdiag.txt file on server machine-
  • It will generate the rlmdiag.txt file at the path given at the output location.
  • Send the  rlmdiag.txt file to me.
 Generate RLMLOG.txt file on server machine-
  • Click on the Status tab on the left side. It will open the main server page. On the right side, you will see the path for the debug file log. Here, you can see the RLMLOG.txt file.
  System Info Snap of server machine-
  • Please also click on System Info Tab and send me the snap of the right side window.
The below articles can also help in the installation process. Please visit the below VIDEO articles.

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