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The attached PDF document summarizes the best practice modelling guidelines related to the usage of the Simcenter Madymo Active Human Model (AHM). This document can also be found in the FORTE application directory under \share\appl\forte\documentation.


The present guidelines covers the topics listed below:
1. General, integration method & time step, CPU time savers
2. Manual pre-positioning
3. Muscle & spine control activation
4. Contact definitions
5. Settling simulation*
6. Load case simulation

*the procedure for settling simulations is specific to the Active Human Model and different than the one for the Madymo multi-body (MB) dummy models.
For the MB dummy models, refer to the article:
"Simcenter Madymo - How to get an equilibrium position with Madymo dummies?"

KB Article ID# KB000069471_EN_US



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