XCargo License is available and valid, but XCargo buttons remain disabled

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License is available and valid, but XCargo 
buttons remain disabled



The license can be selected as preferred license and is marked as active. However, after starting, all icons in XCargo are 
inactive and no error message appears (Help --> Info --> License info: No license available). 

Reason 1:  

XCargo too old 
The XCargo version is too old (< and license contains metadata (year ExtModule). In this case the old version 
runs an error. A respective message can be found in the log. 

Solution 1:  

Update to highest patch version. 

Reason 2:  

Environment variable contains characters for PATH which are considered invalid for licensing. 
Characters like a double quote character are not allowed for Safenet. Also others e.g. < > or similar. 
The error can be seen in the log of XCargo: 
 WARN    [LicenseHandler]    Licensing activation failed (Illegal character in path). 

Solution 2:  

Remove invalid characters. 

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