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You can manually retrieve the current toll costs for your maps in XCargo from the Server 
using the Toll Update Wizard. Proceed as follows. 

1. Rename Map Folder

  • In your File Explorer navigate to the folder containing the map data which you want to update, e. g. EuropeCity. 
  • Rename the folder by adding the suffix .geo to the name. 


2. Download Toll Update Wizard 

The link and password for the download were supplied by Siemens Digital Logistics vie E-
  • Click the download link and enter your password on the page that opens. 
  • Click the button Download TollUpdateWizard.zip. The Toll Update Wizard is downloaded as a compressed folder. 
  • Save the file to a location of your choice. 
  • Extract all files from the ZIP folder. 

3. Execute Update 

  • Double-click the file TollUpdateWizard.exe. The Toll Update Wizard is launched. 
  • Click Browse next to the input field and navigate to the map folder, which you previously renamed. 
  • Select the folder and confirm with OK
  • Click Next
  • In the next window information about the map to be updated are displayed. 
  • Select the option Download the newest zip from the server.
  • Click Next.
In the next window an overview of the countries and files, that are updated is displayed. 
  • Click Update
  • Confirm the appearing message Yes
The current toll data is retrieved from the server. 
  • When the progress bar has run through click Finish. 
The update process is completed.

4. Rename Map Folder 

  • In your file explorer navigate to the folder containing the map data which you updated. 
  • Rename the folder by deleting the suffix .geo
The updated map data is now available in XCargo.


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