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1 Installation

1.1 Installing XCargo

Start XCargo’s installation program by clicking twice on the file Setup.exe in the master directory of 
your XCargo memory stick. 


The Setup Assistant will guide you through the installation steps. 
First you will see the licensing conditions. You must accept these in order to continue. 
Next you must decide whether this installation will be available only to you, or to all of the users of your 
system (the latter requires administrator rights). 
If necessary, adapt the installation path. 
In order to begin installation, click on Install. No other settings are necessary. 
The current status of the installation process will always be shown. 
As soon as the installation process has been completed, click Finish in order to close the Setup 

1.2 Installing the Maps

You will find the map material in the Maps folder in the master directory of your XCargo memory stick. 
Individual subfolders contain installation files for each map section. 
For example, to install the map for Germany, start installation by clicking twice on the file called 


Complete this installation in the same manner as installing XCargo as decribed in Part 1.1. 

1.3 Installing Geocoding Engines

The master directory of your XCargo memory stick contains an installation folder for Geocoding 

In order to install the geocoding engine for Germany, for example, start installation by clicking twice on 
Demo German 7 2012.msi.


Complete this installation in the same manner as installing XCargo as described in Part 1.1.

1.4 Installing Components 

The system components needed for properly operating XCargo can be found in the Components 
folder on the XCargo memory stick.  
Please contact your systems administrator if it is necessary to install these components for your 

2 Activate Your XCargo License

Before you can use XCargo, you must first activate a license. 

Step 1: Open Excel and select XCargo > Help.  


Step 2: First, you will see a submenu. If you do not already have a product key, select Licensing > 
Order product key
now, in order to get one. 


Step 3: Once you have received your product key, register by going to Help > Licensing > Register 


Step 4: A licensing assistant will guide you through the next steps.

Step 5: Select Activation/Update and then click Continue


Step 6: Select Enter Product Key and enter your product key in the space provided.


Step 7: Various methods are offered for activation. 


If you would like to Activation via Internet, go to Part 2.1.  
If you prefer to activate by E-mail, go to either Part 2.2 or Part 2.3

2.1 Activating via the Internet 

To activate your license via the internet, go to Activation via Internet and click on Continue. The 
assistant’s last window will appear. By clicking on Finish, activation will be done over the Internet. 
This completes the activation of your license. In order to use the license, simply start XCargo again. All 
functions in XCargo are now ready. 
If you currently have no Internet connection or your activation via the Internet has failed, navigate back 
through the instructions until you reach your selection of activation options and select activation by E-
Mail (see Part 2.2 or Part 2.3). 

2.3 Send E-Mail for License Activation Later 

In order to activate your license at a later point in time, select Save Data and Send Later and click on 
Continue. You must specify the path for saving data about the hardware information for your system. 


Click on Finish to created a file that contains the hardware information for your system that will be 
saved by the path you have specified.

The assistant is now done. Now you send an E-Mail with the C2V file to Siemens Digital Logistics 
(support.xcargo.digital@siemens.com). Upon receipt, you will get an activation file, as described in Part 2.4 to 
import to the license assistant. 

2.4 Importing the License 

In order to receive a license file, if necessary, please first do the steps shown in Part 2.2 or Part 2.3
For activation via the Internet, this step is not necessary. 
In order to import the license file you have recieved, first select Import License File in the menu 
called Activation of the license. Go to Search and select the path for the license file that has been 
sent to you. 


Now click on Continue. An assistant window will open. 
Click on Finish to complete your license activation.  To fully complete activation you must start Excel 
again. XCargo is now up and running. 

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