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This article explains how Siemens partners can request a demo license for Teamcenter Share.


For a partner to have access to Teamcenter Share and the Admin Console, a partner needs to process a $0 order request in the PartnersXpress portal  . If you are a partner involved with the NX product, here is an example of what you could submit on this order.  

  • 1 CAD - NX91110  
  • When ordering, please be sure to set License Type/Billing Frequency = Annual SaaS (A version of Solid Edge will work as well) 
  • 1 CAM - NX12450  
  • When ordering please be sure to set License Type/Billing Frequency = Annual SaaS 
  • 1 year subscription with a requested discount of 100% 
  • Comment = Teamcenter Share Partner Demo 

If a partner does not sell NX products and specializes in other Siemens products such as Teamcenter, STAR CCM, etc.   In such cases they will need to specify what product ID they are supporting/selling when placing the 0$ order.
In order to submit the order, Partner needs to login to PartnersXpress (as below) and click on Order products and pricing (P2O).  P2O training manual is available on highspot which details the navigation and process to place order from partner portal.

Note: Follow the same process to a request renewal of demo License for Teamcenter Share

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