Simcenter 3D Solutions Reducing contents of result file by extraction for more efficient storage

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We can use "Result Manipulation - Extraction" to reduce contents of result file by extracting the desired components, save it as scd5 file and replace the original result file for more efficient storage.


We can use "Result Manipulation - Extraction" to extract the partial results from postprocessing and save them as Simcenter Data File (*.scd5).

Currently only certain standard solution types are officially supported (e.g. SOL101 and SOL103). The results from e.g. SOL402 are not officially supported by the time this KBA is created (hence no bug fix, etc.). But, it can be activated using a certain toggle in Early Access feature. Please contact our support, if you would like to test this feature on these solution results.

To extract the results and to save them as Simcenter Data File (*.scd5), the corresponding (op2) result file must first be loaded.

Results Extraction:

Here we can select/add the desired increments and or result types: 

The scd5 file will then be displayed as Imported Results (pls. see below).

We can also replace the existing result file (op2 file) with it:


KB Article ID# KB000069296_EN_US



Associated Components

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