Teamcenter Share Guide to submitting a Salesforce Defect ticket in Support Center

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Use these steps to submit a SFDC issue


Use these steps to submit a SFDC issue / defect

  1. Go to the Support Center 'Open a Support Case' page

  1. In the Search field enter ”DISW Support Operations - Internal Use Only”
  2. Enter your Title and Look for Existing Solutions: 

4) If there is no relavant solution available, click on 'Open New Support Case'

  • Select the Site ID 000100533 – SIEMENS PRODUCT LIFECYCLE
  • In the “Sub-Product/Component” field select: SFDC Internal Support:Case Management
  • In the Issue Keywords section, enter a title for the case and then enter a summary of
    the issue(s) you are experiencing along with the steps to take to reproduce the issue.
    Please provide as much information here as possible for the Support Engineer to
  • In the Additional Details section, select the Issue Type (if this was selected on the
    previous screen, your selection will remain the same) and a Case Priority. The case
    priority will allow the Support Engineers to understand the urgency of your request.
    You have the options to choose from Critical, High, Medium, and Low. Please only
    select Critical if Teamcenter Share is down.
  • Finally, you have the option to attach any relevant files for the issue. If you have
    taken screenshots or a video of any errors or problems you encounter, please attach
    them to the case to be reviewed by the Support Engineer.
  • Once the details are entered, press the ‘Open this Support Case’ button.
  • You will receive confirmation that the case has been submitted. You will be able to
    view your case directly within Support Center
  • Once the case is opened, it will be routed to the Support Operations Team. A Support Engineer will
    be assigned to the case and will communicate with you through the case to ask additional
    questions and provide solutions to the issues that have been reported.

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