Teamcenter Share How do I connect my product data with Teamcenter Share?

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In this article, we will be covering how Siemens products connect and synchronize data with Teamcenter Share. The ways in which these other products connect with Teamcenter Share are outlined below.



  • What is Connector?   

The connector is a windows desktop application that provides an online, or offline, link to the Teamcenter Shared web client installed on the customer’s local computer. It is a file synchronization tool that synchronizes the desktop files with what is stored in the cloud. This allows data to always be available from your windows computer and ensures that collaborators have access to the latest changes in any shared project files.  Follow this URL below to get details on how to install the connector:  

How to install The Connector application  


  •  Embedded web browser: This is a built-in web browser that gives some Siemens products the ability to connect to Teamcenter Share and share data from within the product’s desktop UI. 


  • Standalone web browser: These are standard web browsers like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, MS Edge, and Firefox which can be used to access Teamcenter Share directly. 



  • Server / Product Configuration: A few Siemens products are installed on a server within the customer’s IT environment, and the business users log into that server to use the product (includes products like Teamcenter and Polarion).  These products are integrated with Teamcenter Share but require an IT Admin to create a secure connection from the Product Server to Teamcenter Share for the business users to share and synchronize files.  This is achieved through “Product Configuration” options in the Admin Console.   








Why is it advantageous to use the connector to synchronize my projects instead of the web browser 

  When working with Siemens products that support the Connector software, it is always recommended to use the Connector software instead of the web browser because:; 

  • You can work on a project offline. These projects are downloaded to your computer and can be accessed offline via the Connector 

  • Any changes made on a project will be saved even if a connection issue arises 

  • You can work on projects from different Siemens Products without having to log in and out of Teamcenter Share via a web browser to upload new versions of your files. 



How does the Connector securely login to Teamcenter Share? 


When the connector application is launched, a Webkey credential is prompted. The Siemens Web key login securely identifies the user’s account, user’s data, and the Siemens application to which the user is subscribed. The Connector communicates securely with back-end cloud services and enables synchronization between the desktop and cloud services. 

Users who have full access to a project can share the project with external/internal members or guests. During the project sharing, they can attribute various right levels like Markup only, Markup + download or Full access.  

When an internal/external member or guest is invited to a project, they can download and use the connector but will be only limited to the rights attributed to them when accessing that shared project. 


If you have any questions or issues not addressed by this article, please reach out to our Technical Support team by raising a support case via Siemens Software Support Center: Open a Support Case.  It is higly recommended to attach the connector diagnostics logs when you raise a support case which would help in proper identification of the issue.






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