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In Simcenter Testlab 2206 and higher, measured modal results can be converted to a state space model. 

A state space model can be used in real-time applications where inputs result in outputs.  This can be used in a number of ways:
  • Predict acceleration time responses due to different time domain force inputs.
  • Combine models together to predict total system response.  For example, a state space model containing the dynamics of a measured shock absorber could be combined with a model of a vehicle to predict driving dynamics.
  • Develop real-time control systems using a state space model containing the dynamics of a measured structure.
The steps involved (see video above for more details) are:
  • Measured Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) are analyzed resulting in natural frequencies, damping, and mode shapes.
  • A state space model which captures the input and output relationships of the modal model is created.
  • The state space model is exported to either a Functional Mockup Unit (*.fmu) file or a matlab (*.mat) file for use in another application.
A Functional Mockup Unit (*.fmu) is a file that complies with the Functional Mockup Interface ( standards.  This is an industry standard that allows different software programs to share time data inputs.

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