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Usually, CAE data in Teamcenter is revised due to changes made in a CAD Component or Assembly. The Following procedure demonstrates a possible workflow to match the Revision IDs of the CAE data to the CAD data.


The following example shows all assembly and components, including the FEMs, Assembly FEM(AFEM) and the AFEM's SIM files are at Revsion A.image.png
Initially, comp2/A;1 is to be edited.image.png
The model after the edit.
1. Select File -> Save -> Save As to revise comp2 CAD Part. Note the settings on the dialog. 
    Double Click the asterisks to revise the comp2 to the next revisionimage.png

OK to complete the task

Make comp2_fem1/A;1 the work part. Note the Update Pending notification
After the Update is completed, select File -> Save -> Save As.  The Save Parts As dialog displays and the comp2_fem1 and the comp2_fem1_i(Idealized Part) are selected. 

Double Click the red Asterisks and OK to continue.

If comp1/A is edited and triggers the process to revise the CAD Assembly, Assembly FEM and associated  SIM file, the workflow is the same. Note prior to this step,  comp1/A, comp1_fem1_i/A and comp1_fem1/A have executed the FEM Update Pending operation.   In this instance comp1/A along with the associated CAE Data will be revised in one step.  Make sure all of the files that are to be revised are properly Selected. .
The resulting revisions are shown in the Simulation Navigator.

The Teamcenter list of the FEMs, AFEM and AFEM's SIM  is below

KB Article ID# KB000065720_EN_US



Associated Components

Acoustics Additive Manufacturing Assembly FEM Correlation and Updating Durability Electromagnetics (High Frequency) Electromagnetics (Low Frequency) Flexible Pipe Laminate Composites Margin of Safety Motion Multiphysics NX Open Nonlinear Optimization Pre/Post Response Dynamics Rotor Dynamics Samcef Environment Simulation Process Management Thermal / Flow