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If you are trying to create a new Simulation Motion/NX Motion file in NX/Simcenter 3D integrated with Teamcenter, and get the following error: "There are no Templates available to support the operation you are trying. Either turn on the show blank templates customer default or add the templates to the pax file to support this operation", the root cause may be due to the following issues: problems with the nxdm_ugs_cae_templates.pax file, the need to add the NX0CAEMotionSim value to Teamcenter Preferences, TC_part_types_display_filter and TYPE_DISPLAY_RULES_list_types_of_subclasses, or Display Rules that are either inherited from an Item Type above it, or a Display Rule that is specifically added to that Item Type.


1. Seed Part based Motion, File  New Templates, are not provided in an NX/Simcenter 3D.  The ones that show, in the Simcenter 3D Motion dialog, are actually blank templates. In the figure below shows, one is for a standalone *.sim file and the other one references a CAD Model.image.png
 Therefore, conflicts with the nxdm_ugs_cae_templates.pax file only are a problem if no seed file based  files, such as a custom Motion Sim file or no CAE Fem/Sim file are  properly configured in the .pax file or files are not properly imported into Teamcenter.  In this case, the File -> New Simulation tab is not even visible.

The following is a bit of history regarding how Motion data was stored in Teamcenter.  Originally, the Teamcenter Datamodel for Motion, consisted of the NXMotion Dataset Type, that resided in the UGMaster Item Revision.  The New Data Model, was implemented in NX 12.0 and Teamcenter 11.3.2, and later.  New Items/Item Revisions and Dataset Types were created similar to "CAE" Teamcenter for Simulation Item Types.  Note the new Motion Types are not created under CAEItem Datamodel.  
The new Types are in the NX0CAEMotionSim Storage Class and is part of the NX0TCIN Teamcenter Component.  They are as follows: 

     Item: Motion Analysis (NX0CAEMotionSim)
     Item Revision: Motion Analysis Revision (NX0CAEMotionSimRevision)
     Dataset: Motion Sim (NX0MotionSim)
  NX0TCIN can be deployed in BMIDE if it has not already been done in the TEM.

The Motion Sim file and the analysis results are stored as Named References in the Motion Sim Dataset.  The Results data is stored after an analysis via the Import Files for Part dialog.


2. The next issue involves adding NX0CAEMotionSim to two Teamcenter Preferences
so that the File New Motion Templates can be displayed.  The appropriate Group/Role is needed to add NX0CAEMotionSim.    The first Teamcenter preference is  TC_part_types_display_filter.  This preference may or may not be set, and may have to be created. The dialog looks as follows:


The Next Teamcenter Preference is TYPE_DISPLAY_RULES_list_types_of_subclasses.  
3. The third possible root cause could be the addition of a Display Rule on NX0CAEMotionSim.  Access to Teamcenter Business Modeler IDE(BMIDE) will be needed if the issue is due to a Display Rule.  Setting a Display Rule to "is True" will hide that Item Type and,  not setting a Display Rule or setting one to "is False" will allow the Item Type to be displayed.  The following figure shows a Display Rule that will not allow the Engineering/Designer Group/Role to create  a Motion Analysis Item Type.
If that Group/Role needs to be able to create the Motion Analysis Item Type, then that rule needs to be either changed to "isFalse" or removed.  Then the BMIDE Template will have to be deployed to propagate it to Teamcenter.


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