Simcenter Femap Hydrostatic pressure load in FEMAP



This is the processes to define a hydrostatic pressure load in Femap


Create a Coordinate system at the top of the fluid level. Model->Coord Sys.
In my example I am defining Y in the direction of the depth.  Zero Y will represent the top fluid level.

Create an equation data surface. Tools->Data Surface Editor

Enter in the following equation.

Link to the Correct coordinate system.
Define the equation as listed above.   !y calls the distance in Y in the coordinate system specified. 

Density = 0.036 lbm/in^3
Gravity= 386 in/s^2
Height=Variable in
Be careful with units.  Make sure you are using consistent units. To get consistent units in my case I needed to divide by 386 in / s^2
Results in lbf/in^2

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