PCBflow What can I do in PCBflow?



This article describes what you can do in PCBflow as a Designer and as a Manufacturer.


As a Designer, PCBflow accelerates the process of design-to-production handoff, providing easy access for any layout designer to validate their design against any manufacturer's DFM profile in a secure environment. The solution is capable of receiving real-time manufacturability rules directly from the cloud and ensures that your design is always in sync with the fabricator and assembler capabilities, eliminating re-spins, wasted time and costs. 

As a Manufacturer, PCBflow streamlines your project onboarding process by letting you and your customers easily run DFM tests on the design with a few clicks while also saving you time in a collaboration space. Everything is communicated electronically through PCBflow helping your designers to ensure manufacturability and also providing feedback in real-time and in context. 

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