Simcenter 3D Solutions Simcenter 3D Motion Gear Contact: what is the Analytical ISO + CAI method detail?

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CAI is the name of the inventor of a broadly used method for gear contact stiffness calculation. Methods are detailed in references mentioned in the on-line documentation.


The Gear contact calculation method Analytical ISO + CAI is presented in Simcenter 3D Motion documentation, within the Transmission Builder section. Download Simcenter 3D Motion Gear Element user Guide - URL below.
CAI is the name of the inventor and author of publications [3] and [4].
Siemens cannot send copies of those publications due to Copyright.

[3] Y. Cai, “Simulation on the rotational vibration of helical gears in consideration of the tooth separation
phenomenon (a new stiffness function of helical involute tooth pair),” Journal of Mechanical Design, no.
117(3), pp. 460-469, 1995. 

[4] Y. Cai and T. Hayashi, “The linear approximated equation of vibration of a pair of spur gears (theory and
experiment),” Journal of Mechanical Design, no. 116(2), pp. 558-564, 1994.


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