Simcenter 3D Solutions Simcenter 3D Motion Gear Contact: what is the Advanced Empirical method?

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The gear contact stiffness with Empirical method is using Vedmar principle with gear compliance based on lookup tables. The FE Preprocessor method is strongly preferred and recommended instead of the Empirical method.


When defining a Gear contact with Advanced calculation method, the stiffness options include a Bulk compliance type Empirical. The Empirical method is using the Vedmar principle which is same as the FE Preprocessor method (the other option here). The major difference is that the global gear compliance for the FE Preprocessor method is calculated using Simcenter Nastran, while for the Empirical method this is based on lookup tables. Since there is an automatic method for the FE Preprocessor, which is easy to use, we recommend the FE Preprocessor method rather than the Empirical method. The FE Preprocessor method is more accurate and applicable to all types of gears and gear dimensions.
The Empirical method is considered to be phased out in a future release.
Refer to the manual MotionGearElement.pdf that is available along with Simcenter 3D Motion documentation.

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