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This KBA will show how to prepare a custom Matlab instance for Simcenter Prescan.


When running simulations via Matlab Simulink, the Matlab instance needs to be configured for Prescan. This is easily achieved by starting Matlab from the GUI or process manager.

In some cases other applications may have a similar requirement and a Matlab instance that is already configured for application X, needs to be used to run Simcenter Prescan simulations.
Here we explain how to configure an external Matlab instance for Prescan.

Recognizing and configuring
A compilation sheet that is opened in an external Matlab session will look something like

  Figure 1 .

Figure 1 – A Prescan compilation sheet in an external Matlab instance.
The solution is to
 1) In Matlab browse to folder your_installation\matlab\MatlabInitialisation and find the prescan_startup script and
2) in the Matlab command window enter it with the path to the bin folder as argument, see Figure 2 .

Figure 2 – example command.
That is it.

This is tested in Prescan2022.1 & M2018b, but should work for other versions as well. 

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