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In Simcenter 3D we have the option to export the content of the graphics area to an external file via "File - Export - Image". The default choice for the background color of these images is the color you currently see in the graphics area. Thus, if you prefer to work in Simcenter with with a grey background, but the images should have a printer-friendly white background when exported for reporting, you always have to change the background color back and forth. This is not required anymore if you make use of the hidden functionality in the "Export Image" window to customize the background color for the exported images.


Let's assume the following:
- you prefer to work with the standard grey background of the graphics area in the Simcenter 3D GUI. Using this background with the muted color puts less strain on your eyes than using a bright white background, while still offering a good contrast to the colors of the results plots.
- for reporting though, you need to have a printer-friendly white background, as it will consume less ink when printing the image in the report.


This conflict forces you to go back and forth between these two background definitions via Ribbon "View", Command Group "Display", Command "Background" to select the desired color, adding a number of clicks to the process to create an image for reporting. 
And over time, these few extra clicks may be perceived as annoying and you may look for a better option. 

Predefined Definitions of the Background Color in

You can save a few clicks by customizing one of the border bars of your Simcenter GUI to show the commands for the background colors of your preference.
This can be done in the contextual menu of the command in question, shown by right clicking on the command.

Backgd_to_BorderBar.jpg              ->            LeftBB.jpg

But while this may reduce the number of clicks to go back and forth between background colors to two, there is still a faster and more convenient way to customize this aspect of the exported results images.

Simcenter provides the command "Export Image" to export the content of the complete graphics area or a subset of it to an image file of the format of your choice (PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, BMP).

"File - Export - Image" opens the "Export Image" window, that by default looks as seen below.
The user can only define the input, the format and location and name of the image file.


The user needs to click on the small "More" bar below the "Location" to show additional parameters.


The window expands and reveals an option to assign a background color for the image file. The default is "Original" which uses the current background color, but the user can also select to assign a "Custom Color" instead.  


Clicking in the rectangle beside "Background Color" at the bottom opens the "Colors" window, which allows to create the background color from a whole range of colors (but in this example we use a simple white color).


The setting to use a custom background color and the color chosen will be remembered by the Simcenter GUI in the Dialog Memory.

This allows that you can leave the background unchanged in the GUI while exporting images.


But you still get your custom background color in the exported images.

(Exported GIF in viewer).

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