Simcenter Femap Creating Revolute Joints in Femap



Creating revolute joint in SOL 402 (Multi-Step Nonlinear Kinematic) in Femap


Example Set Up
                 Two meshed cylinders

   Coincident node creation between cylinders
Node IDs are for demonstration purposes only  
Two RBE2 spiders.  N10000  connected to  blue|aft  cylinder and  N10001  connected to  pink|fwd  cylinder
At this point, N10000 and N10001 are coincident but have no connectivity

          Boundary Conditions
Enforced rotation is 180 deg in global X

           New CSys
Local X aligned with cylinder axes            
The reason for the use of a new CSys is because it is assumed that the global CSys does not aligned (in this case, it was and could have been used)
The reason the local X was defined to be the aligned to the axis of rotation is defined in the Revolute joint definition (hence it could have been local R in a cylindrical CSys, etc.)

Revolute Joint Creation

                Using default properties
Relative DOF defines why local X axis was defined as the axis of rotation

Accept defaults up to Time Steps

    180 deg. / 36 steps = 5 deg./step

Accept remaining defaults





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