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This article describes how to handle the issue of Amesim not detecting an installed compiler.


By default, Simcenter Amesim comes in package with GNU GCC (64-bit) compiler. It can however be noticed that there are other available options like Intel C++ (64-bit). When selecting that compiler however, you may notice a following message:

This may indicate two issues:
  1. Compiler is not installed & setup properly
  2. Simcenter Amesim cannot detect the compiler
If it is the second option, please go to your install directory (for example):
C:\Program Files\Simcenter\2022.1\Amesim\misc
In that directory find the file iclvars_template.bat

When you open it, a procedure to setup a compiler will show:

Follow those steps in order to ensure that compiler will be detected by the Simcenter Amesim.

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