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Learn how to use custom traffic sign in Prescan


Step1: Prescan comes with set of default traffic sign from four countries, select the country of sign that is been modelled

Step2: Once selected the sign, drop the country of sign on the GUI which would result in object configuration tab opened, click on the drop down and select the custom signs

Step 3: Choose the sign shape and drag and drop on the pole.

Step4: Right click on the sign shape and click on go to resources.

Step5: Click on add and choose your image that you would like to add on to the pole. You can download any traffic sign of the internet and paste in the image folder for you to create the sign. Then assign plate texture by right clicking on the sign

Step 6: Add imprecation to the sign imported in the Prescan as desired

 Step 7: Click apply and position the sign in prescan model


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