Simcenter Prescan How to manipulate the Trajectory in the Matlab Simulink model: Speed Distance Acceleration and other state values in Simcenter Prescan

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This article describe how to be able to manipulate an Actors trajectory values like speed, position etc.


The base of this article is a simple experiment with a car, a camera sensor and a trajectory, as shown below.

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After building and starting up Matlab Simulink. Open the model which is shown below.

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Here we add Bus creators and selectors to extract the "hidden values" for the trajectory/ state of the object.

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Below three values are coming from the Block Speedprofile. So both the selector and the creator must have an output/input value of three. 
By clicking on the bus, it will show up the available values coming from the Speedprofile block. In the Selector and creator Bus, select all information needed
and add it to the Bus. Now, for example in between of the velocity line add a gain or do your desired manipulation.

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The same applies to the Path Block which calculates the output values for the state. In this case much more values are extracted via the Bus selector
and creator.

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