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This article describes how to use Prescan360 to run experiments on the cloud with the command line in Windows


Simcenter Prescan360: Running on cloud with command line

  • Login into the cloud
  • uploading experiment with the name and id for the build.
  • Running the experiment
  • Downloading the results.

Login to the cloud environment:
Open the windows command prompt: Type in Windows search „cmd“
Type cd <installation_folder>\res changing to the install folder of Prescan360
During installation the local machine configuration is normally done, if not done it needs to be done with the following commands: “simclient  clientconfig  update  simorchestrator= < SimOrchestrator URL>/orchestrator/      auth.client_secret=<Secret key>”    (Important: There must be a space in between …orchestrator/   and auth.client…….) . Replace the red parts with your information.
The configuration data after setting, you can check in the following file: “C:\Users\<username>\.prescan360\simclient.yaml”

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Note: Please ask your IT/administrator for < SimOrchestrator URL> and <Secret key>.  Both also can be viewed, when using the WebGui to login and click on “Status”.

Login command into the cloud.
Type simclient login <username> , it will jump to an empty line where you have to enter your password. After the login you get a message if it was successful

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Creating an experiment:
     simclient   create    experiment    id=<Experiment ID>   name=<Experiment name>

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Upload of the zip file:
     simclient   upload   experiment   <Experiment ID>   <Full path of the Experiment Zip>

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Building the experiment:
     simclient   update   experiment   <Experiment ID>    status=ready

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Creating the run job:
    simclient create job    id=<Job ID>   name=<Job Name>   experimentId=<Experiment ID> :

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Running the job: simclient update job   <Job ID>    status=ready

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Obtaining the results zip: simclient download job    <Job ID>     <Job Name> 

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To be able to upload many experiments with different values and run them, it is possible to create a script using the command prompt commands to do all the steps automated if preferred.

Instead of a script, it is valuable to use Heeds as the orchestrator. It can run experiments on the cloud with a big variable set or also create study’s to optimize variables in the system


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