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NX Motion or Simcenter 3D Motion. Capture Arrangement is transforming the components positions. The following error message may display: No valid component can be transformed into the arrangement. At least one Motion Body needs to have an object type 'Component'. This article is presenting such issue on a sample model and is explaining how to make it work


1. Issue

Using NX Motion or Simcenter 3D Motion. When in Animation Player, 
Motion dialog: Animation Player - Capture Arrangement
Then, enter a name for the arrangement and hit OK
Motion dialog - Arrangement name

The following message displays: No valid component can be transformed into the arrangement

2. Root cause

The software is looking for the components consumed by Motion Bodies in order to transform them; at least one Motion Body needs to have an object type 'Component':
- Motion Bodies can include geometry type 'Component' and other types (for example CSYS defined in the Motion sim file)
- Component selection can be enforced by using Environment - Component-based Simulation; in that case only geometry type 'Component' is selectable for Motion Bodies, it's locking the selection filter on  'Component'
- No need to have all Motion Bodies defined with Component(s), just one at least. Note that the arrangement may not be what you want then.
- See below example

3. Example

The following Motion model with just 3 Motion Bodies (below).
Motion model and master part asm
The scope is to get an arrangement when the crank is rotated by 90 degrees, as below:
Arrangement from Motion
The best solution here when Motion Bodies all are defined with Component only. In that case, all Motion bodies have a small cube in the navigator icon (compare with the image above); also, selecting a Motion Body is also changing the color of its component(s) in the Assembly Navigator - see below picture. It's very easy to review.
Motion asm components

As mentioned above, this is not the only solution. There could be other objects than Component in the Motion Bodies and in that case, the arrangement is fine while there is not the small cube display in the Motion navigator. 

4. Tips

Since version 2206, Motion Body dialog is displaying all its geometry in a tree. It's easy to check and edit if there are 'Component'. Otherwise, for previous 2206 release, use information on the Motion Body.

 A typical issue is when there is the Solid Body from the Component as below:
While it should be the Component:
Body component

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