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In the Simcenter MAGNET environment, you can create low-frequency electromagnetic (EM) solutions.


In the Simcenter MAGNET environment, you can create low-frequency electromagnetic (EM) solutions. These solutions let you solve Maxwell equations, and the solutions can be used to simulate different types of electromagnetic fields, such as static magnetic, time-varying and eddy-current, to simulate transient conditions with moving components, and so on. Also, you can access the most frequently used EM commands from the Low Frequency EM tab on the ribbon bar.

Magnetic field of linear actuator

When you work in these environments, you can:

  1. Create models from magnetic materials and coils.

  2. Mesh the models with 2D elements in the 2D analysis environment or 3D elements in the 3D analysis environment.

  3. Represent the air in the exterior of the model and for electric machine applications, the air around moving components. This is required to define the computational domain.

  4. Specify materials.

  5. Specify boundary conditions, simulation objects, or modeling objects.

  6. Use the Circuit Editor to create an external electric circuit that connects to the coils.


  7. Perform a static, time-harmonic, current flow (only for electric field type analysis), or transient analysis.

  8. Post-process the results using the Simcenter 3D Low Frequency EM Results Viewer.


Supported materials

You can use:

  • Isotropic materials with electromagnetic properties.

  • Anisotropic materials with electromagnetic properties.

  • Materials from the default EM material libraries.

In the Isotropic Material and Anisotropic Material dialog boxes, you can:

  • Define electromagnetic properties on the Electromagnetic page.

  • Use the Simcenter MAGNET and Simcenter High Frequency Electromagnetic property views for filtering the material dialog boxes for electromagnetic solutions.


    You use the Simcenter High Frequency Electromagnetic property view for the high-frequency EM application, which in this release is only available as overlay of an existing Simcenter 3D installation.

A typical application of electromagnetic solutions includes the computation and visualization of an electromagnetic field that helps you to improve the design of motors, sensors, transformers, actuators, solenoids, or any component with permanent magnets or coils.

For more information about electromagnetic solutions, see Simcenter 3D Low Frequency EM User Guide.

Design Intent:

AFEM files are unsupported because the Simcenter MAGNET solver expects a continuous mesh.

Where do I find it?

Creating an electromagnetic solution




A Simulation file as the work part and displayed part

Simcenter MAGNET as the specified solver

Command Finder


Simulation Navigator

Right-click the Simulation file→New Solution

Accessing electromagnetic commands




A Simulation file, standalone FEM file, idealized, or master part file as the work part and displayed part

Ribbon bar

Right-click blank area→Low Frequency EM


Some Low Frequency EM commands are only available when a specific file is the work or displayed part.

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